(4) Reasons to Choose Long Brightbill when Accussed of Committing a Crime

  1. ExperienceWe have three attorneys in our firm that have dedicated a significant portion of their career to practicing criminal law. They have tried over 200 criminal jury trials combined. Our attorneys have served in the District Attorney’s Office for over 24 years combined. Our firm is now using that experience to help clients in need.
  2. Protection – We will work to protect your rights. We examine each and every case with a fine tooth comb and a microscope – reviewing every available angle of your case. We are the shield that will guide you through the fight. We will protect your rights.
  3. Knowledge – After 30 years of combined criminal law experience, our attorneys have developed extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system. We know how to handle your case from before a charge is even filed, until you are free from supervision.
  4. Professionalism – We are professionals. We are not afraid to approach anyone involved in your case to discuss important issues, and to resolve them with your best interest in mind. We handle your case diligently and efficiently, but we maintain a professional persona throughout the process. With our firm, you will have a professional working for you.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you should deeply consider the value of obtaining experienced, knowledgeable, and professional counsel that will always protect your rights. Don’t leave your future blowing in the wind.

Frederick S. Long, Esq.
Frederick S. Long, Esq.

Fred Long is the Managing Partner in the Estate Planning Department at Long Brightbill. He encourages clients to engage in dialogue among family and friends surrounding issues of death, dying, and incapacity.

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