Team Profiles

Dorian Carpenter

Dorian (Dori) Carpenter

As the Office Manager and a Paralegal at Long Brightbill, Dori has been an important part of the Long Brightbill team since 2015. She focuses on estate planning & administration, business law, and the administrative operations of the firm, including billing and accounts payable.

At Long Brightbill, Dori enjoys the camaraderie with her colleagues and the fulfillment of assisting clients with their legal needs.

Dori values quality time with her son and two small dogs. She also enjoys reading, going out for dinner, and watching movies with family and friends.

Renee Condran

Renee Condran

Renee is the Legal Assistant to Attorney Greer H. Anderson and others across the domestic, civil, personal injury, and real estate domains. With 35 years as a Legal Assistant, she’s brought her expertise to Long Brightbill since 2019.

What sets Long Brightbill apart for Renee is the exceptional camaraderie among the attorneys and staff, creating a positive environment. Equally rewarding is the privilege of working with terrific clients and positively helping them with their legal journeys creates a strong sense of pride.

Outside of her professional role, Renee’s hobbies are reading, spending time with her husband and family, watching movies and being poolside.

Matthew Harnsberger

Matthew Harnsberger

When you call or stop in to Long Brightbill, Matthew is likely the first person that you’ll interact with. Matthew enjoys greeting clients, along with answering phones, assisting with client intake and scheduling, preparing documents and handling filings for the firm.

Matthew joined Long Brightbill in 2022, and appreciates learning about our clients and their cases.

Matthew likes to read, watch movies and TV, do crossword puzzles, go on walks, play video games, and learn trivia.

Jaclyn Long

Jaclyn Long

Jaclyn is an accomplished professional who brings her expertise to Long Brightbill as a dedicated project manager. With a keen focus on strategic growth, she spearheads the development of standardized processes that facilitate the company’s expansion.

What truly sets Long Brightbill apart, in Jaclyn’s view, is the commitment to client-centric outcomes and the collaborative relationships between team members and attorneys.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Jaclyn enjoys playing tennis, spending time in nature with her family, and reading.

Cheyenne Snow

If you’re coming to Long Brightbill for your estate planning needs, Cheyenne will be the one helping our Attorneys prepare your essential estate planning documents and communicating with you throughout the process.

Cheyenne has been with Long Brightbill since 2024 to help grow and build the processes while drafting documents and communicating directly with our clients for our ever-growing estate planning practice.

Outside of her professional career, Cheyenne likes to bake everything she can convert into a sourdough recipe, going on hikes with her fiancé and dog, and using film photography to document her life.