A Unique Approach to Criminal Defense in Lebanon County

From humble origins in 1902, our firm has a storied history of providing quality legal services in Central Pennsylvania. Our current team is one of the premier groups of trial attorneys in the area. Consisting of three former prosecutors from Lebanon County, we hold over 24 years of collective experience trying criminal cases – from the most serious Felony cases, to all forms of Misdemeanor and Summary Offenses.

We’ve recognized the need for quality defense representation in our area, and we are thrilled to have the ability to meet the need. Our approach at criminal defense is unique in Lebanon County. Most firms have only a limited number of attorneys who are actively engaged in the practice of criminal law, or who are able to offer competent guidance on criminal matters. Our entire make-up, on the other hand, includes attorneys who’ve dedicated a large portion of their legal careers to practicing criminal law.


Thomas S. Long (Managing Partner) – District Attorney of Lebanon County (1986-1990); Assistant District Attorney (1976-1986).

Donna Long Brightbill (Partner) – Senior Deputy District Attorney (1993-2000).

Frederick S. Long (Partner) – Assistant District Attorney (2012-2013); Certified Legal Intern/Extern, Lebanon County District Attorney’s Office (2010-2012).

All three attorneys on our criminal defense team have handled Felony jury trials.  Frederick Long manages each criminal case and makes all court appearances on behalf of our clients for criminal matters.  The Senior members of the firm – Thomas Long and Donna Brightbill – provide strategic defense consulting to our trial attorneys. With our teamwork approach, all three attorneys are given an opportunity to participate in your defense. All of our attorneys have received extensive training in trial work, and – as a team – we are sufficiently prepared to represent you at all phases of your criminal case.

Frederick S. Long, Esq.
Frederick S. Long, Esq.

Fred Long is the Managing Partner in the Estate Planning Department at Long Brightbill. He encourages clients to engage in dialogue among family and friends surrounding issues of death, dying, and incapacity.

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