Clean-up Your Criminal Record

Expungement of a Criminal Record in Pennsylvania

Do not let your past mistakes ruin your future. You may be entitled to have your criminal record expunged. Expungement is a way to erase your past criminal offenses from your record.

Once certain criteria are met, several types of offenses may be expunged from your record:

  1. Juvenile Offenses
  2. Underage Drinking Violations
  3. ARD Dismissals
  4. Summary Convictions
  5. Charges that have been Withdrawn, Dismissed or Nol Prossed
  6. Convictions that were Pardoned
  7. If over 70 Years Old, Your Previous Convictions may be Expunged
  8. Crimes Committed at age 25 or younger, if record is clean for seven to 10 years
  9. Certain Misdemeanor Offenses

In determining whether your Petition for Expungement should be granted, the court will consider many factors. These factors include the impact on future earning capacity, damage to reputation, the nature of the offense, prior criminal behavior, and the Commonwealth’s interest is preserving the record for public safety.

A past mistake should not prevent you from getting a job, nor should it linger on public record, for anyone to see. You may be entitled to have your criminal record expunged.

Frederick S. Long, Esq.
Frederick S. Long, Esq.

Fred Long is the Managing Partner in the Estate Planning Department at Long Brightbill. He encourages clients to engage in dialogue among family and friends surrounding issues of death, dying, and incapacity.

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